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Natural Health Consultation for Discovering Self-Healing

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Natural Health Consultation

The optimal plan for naturally restoring health and making permanent changes often requires getting professional advise. No matter where you are on your healing journey, our trained staff has the knowledge and experience in targeting and implementing the most effective naturopathic therapies for various health problems and goals. We are here to listen to your concerns and learn about what is happening in detail so that we can recommend an individualized natural treatment plan that focuses on your personalized needs. Find a fresh perspective on natural health at GoldStar Acupuncture, and discover ways acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, meditation, and other naturopathic methods can help.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used traditional naturopathic therapies in the modern world. It is a system of medical diagnosis and treatment primarily developed in China over thousands of years, and now integrated into modern healthcare settings worldwide. Acupuncture naturally activates the body’s self healing abilities to promote physical and mental-emotional well-being. It stimulates the nervous system, enhances blood circulation, activates the immune system and normalizes hormone levels to provide pain-reducing effects and therapeutic benefit for a wide range of poor health conditions and symptoms. Our trained staff have decades of experience with acupuncture and are prepared to evaluate your health condition to determine if acupuncture is a right fit for your individualized needs.

Woman receiving acupuncture on her back and shoulders.
A diet rich in vegetables and fruit are at the heart of a natural health consultation.

Diet & Lifestyle

The exhausting fast pace of modern living can often lead to poor diet and lifestyle choices that pose a great challenge in achieving the happy and healthy life you desire. Left unchecked, these can lead to a wide variety of physical, emotional, and behavioral health problems. Using time-tested traditional naturopathic diagnostic theories, we can help uncover the root patterns of imbalance in your life that are contributing to poor health and disease. We also can provide you with a personalized and detailed natural treatment plan for safely using diet modifications and nutritional supplements to overcome any number of poor health conditions that are interfering with achieving total wellness.

Herbal Medicine

Humans have been using the various parts of plants— flowers, leaves, roots, fruit, branches, and bark— as medicine for thousands of years to treat just about everything. Known as herbal medicine, it is a powerful addition to every natural health maintenance program and can be used alone to promote health and support recovery from a wide variety of health imbalances. We are master herbalists with decades of experience helping people target the right medicinal herbs and dosing that are of most benefit for each individual’s personalized needs. Let our knowledge and experience in selecting the correct combination of herbs take the guesswork out of choosing which ones to use, or how much to take, and when.

Assortment of Chinese herbal medicine with mortar and pestle used in natural health consultation.
Learning to sit in Sukhasana pose, or Easy Pose, while meditating is a cornerstone of natural health consultations.

Meditation & Mind Training

In a world full of technology and fast-paced modern living, our minds easily wander into the future or dwell on the past, fantasizing or worrying to the point that we lose focus of living happily in the here and now. Meditation brings us back to the present moment, out of distracting thoughts, and gives us the tools we need to center and calm the mind so that we can live life more calmly, fully, and compassionately. Our professional staff have extensive experience providing time-tested meditation and mindfulness practices that not only restore mental-emotional balance, but also help regulate sleep, increase energy, and improve blood circulation and pressure. Let us help guide you in promoting the clear and calm mind needed to overcome various life obstacles and promote functional health.

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