Acupuncture Pricing & Fees

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World-Class Acupuncture & Natural Health Consulting Made Affordable

Acupuncture is an excellent investment in your natural health and well-being. Our pricing and fees are flexible and designed to give you access to world-class acupuncture services in Modesto, CA, at an affordable price.


GoldStar Acupuncture


per visit*

Nurture an inner and outer glow and cultivate wellness with our exclusive GoldStar Acupuncture treatments.

  • Wellness Acupuncture

  • Mind Training

  • Detox & Weight Loss Support

  • Holistic Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines

  • Prescription for Herbal Medicine & Supplements


HealthStar Acupuncture


per visit*

Promote optimal functional health & wellbeing with our customizable HealthStar Acupuncture treatments.

  • Expanded Acupuncture

  • Detox & Weight Loss Support

  • Holistic Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines

  • Prescription for Herbal Medicine & Supplements


ReliefStar Acupuncture


per visit*

Get relief from pain, stress, & illness with our customizable ReliefStar Acupuncture treatments.

  • Focused Acupuncture

  • Holistic Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

  • Prescription for Herbal Medicine & Supplements


Natural Health Consult

$140 / $100

first visit/ follow-up visits*

Get professional natural health advice and guidance with our personalized Natural Health Consulting services.

  • Case Review

  • Treatment Plan

  • Holistic diet & lifestyle guidelines

  • Prescription for herbal medicine and supplements

* evaluation, diagnosis & consult included. herbs & nutritional supplements sold separately.

Payment Policy

All payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, and most major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.

Using Insurance to Pay for Acupuncture

While many insurance carriers now advertise offering coverage for acupuncture and related services, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will actually pay for it. Most healthcare insurance plans with acupuncture coverage have many exceptions that limit and restrict reimbursement, such as maximum benefits and amounts allowed, limited number of covered visits, limited to specific conditions only, medical necessity,  etc. Fortunately, our office is well versed on these details to ensure we help you get the most out of using your insurance to help pay for acupuncture services.

Get Prior Authorization & Insurance Verification for Acupuncture in Modesto, CA

We are an out of network healthcare provider and may accept certain PPO plans that include acupuncture coverage components. If you have a PPO insurance policy with acupuncture benefits please contact us to start the verification process and request prior authorization for use with our office.

Cancellation Policy

We respect everyone’s effort in making the time for acupuncture treatment. Unfortunately, when one person cancels their appointment without giving enough notice, they prevent someone else from being seen. For this reason, we require a 24-hour advanced notice of appointment cancellation. Please note a $60 fee will be charged if prior notification is not given.

Pricing FAQs

We are an out of network healthcare provider and may accept some types of out of network PPO insurance policies that have acupuncture coverage components. However please note, due to the many inconsistencies, limitations, and restrictions encountered when trying to use insurance to help pay for acupuncture and related services, we generally will not bill insurance companies directly. More commonly we will provide you with the documents needed (ie superbill, receipt, etc) for you to process the claim directly with your insurance carrier.

If you have a PPO insurance policy with acupuncture benefits and plan to try and use it to pay for services received in our office, we encourage you to contact us first before making your appointment to begin the verification process and get prior authorization for using your insurance with our office.

No, you do not need a referral to receive acupuncture treatment. Some people may seek a doctor referral for acupuncture to try and use their insurance to cover expenses. However acupuncturists are primary care providers and can provide you treatment independently.

Depending on the type of service, total visit time is between 60-90 minutes, with 20-75 minute acupuncture treatment time:

  • Natural Health Consult: 60-90 Minutes
  • ReliefStar Acupuncture: 60 Minutes
  • HealthStar Acupuncture: 90 Minutes
  • GoldStar Acupuncture: 90 Minutes
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