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Expert Traditional Naturopathy & Integrative Wellness in Modesto, Stanislaus County, CA

GoldStar Acupuncture is a traditional naturopathic & integrative wellness service in Modesto, CA, offering acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, meditation instruction, and energy healing.

At GoldStar Acupuncture, our mission is to provide world-class acupuncture and traditional naturopathy services that empower individuals to play an active role in their own wellbeing.


At GoldStar Acupuncture, we promote the power of natural self-care and encourage people to live healthier. We promise to treat a person’s needs, not the disease, with highly individualized treatments that inspire integrative wellness.

GoldStar Acupuncture Values

  • View the body as an interconnected unifying whole system that is in dynamic relationship to its environment.

  • Treat a person’s needs. not the disease, with highly individualized treatments.

  • Emphasize the importance of mental health, diet, and lifestyle.

  • Cause no harm and produce mild or no pain or side effects.

  • Transform the framework of poor health that is cultivating the foundation for dis-ease.

  • Educate and encourage people to play active role in their own healing process.

  • Achieve more profound and longer lasting results by focusing on the underlying cause of the problem.

  • Promote optimal functional health, improve quality of life, and support overall wellbeing.

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Dr. Rene Rodriguez has over 20 years of experience in traditional naturopathy & integrative wellness, including acupuncture, plant based nutrition therapy, herbal medicine, energy healing, meditation, and yoga.

RENE M.RODRIGUEZ, PHD, LACDoctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Rene has amassed over 20 years worth of experience and knowledge in natural medicine. He dedicated the earlier part of his life to sports, which culminated as a NCAA Division 1 baseball player. While a collegiate student-athlete in 1995, he was introduced to yoga and began a daily practice to help keep his body and mind in the game. Following his athletic career in 1999, he was introduced to Rinzai Zen meditation, naturopathy, and acupuncture, which inspired him to become an acupuncture practitioner. He ran his private practice in Los Angeles for the last 14 years before recently moving to Modesto, Stanislaus County CA, to be closer to family. Dr Rene’s goal remains to be able to help support others achieve their highest level of health and integrative wellness.


PhD- 2014 (American Liberty University: Orange, CA)

Master’s- 2008 (Emperor’s College: Santa Monica, CA)

Bachelor of Science- 1998 (San Diego State University: San Diego, CA)


Esoteric Acupuncture Teacher- 2014

Japanese Acupuncture– 2012

Reiki Practitioner, Levels I & II- 2009

Esoteric Acupuncture Practitioner- 2008

California Board Licensed Acupuncturist- 2008


Sangha Member- One Drop Zendo of Los Angeles


English (Native)

Spanish (Bilingual)

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GoldStar Acupuncture is fully committed to providing our patients with world-Class natural health and integrative wellness services. Learn more about the high level of dedication and quality we offer from patient testimonials:

Dr Rene is unlike any other doctor I’ve met. He really takes his time to get to know you to understand you and your history and get to the root of the problem, and his recommendations have been spot on. Thanks!!


I have had chronic neck and lower back pain for years that woke me up out of my sleep a few times every night. Last night, after my first visit to Dr Rene, I had the first pain-free, full-sleep night in a long time. Thank you!


Dr Rene has helped me completely transform my health. When I first came in, I was tired and stressed, getting sick all the time, and my joints were really starting to hurt. The acupuncture really helped me feel a lot better than I thought, a lot faster than I thought. I feel like a whole new person!


I had been to many different doctors and no one had been able to help until I went to see Dr Rene. I was blown away how helpful and informative he was, and how effective the treatments were. Make the call, you will be forever grateful!


Dr Rene was very helpful and informative, and helped me find a permanent natural solution. He truly made me feel listened to and cared for, and he always helped put a smile on my face. Would highly recommend to anyone!


Thank you, Dr Rene! I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and always making me feel welcomed and cared for. Your acupuncture treatments are amazing! I am grateful to you for helping keep me healthy and balanced.


Dr Rene is a good detective and really works hard at trying to help. He was straightforward and honest with me, and didn’t try to upsell any service or products. The acupuncture was amazing and it really helped. He’s the real deal! Thank you!


Dr. Rene is one of the most compassionate people you’ll ever meet. He took his time with me, listened to me and let me get it all out, and he gave me the most relaxing acupuncture treatments. It was great!


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